Organic Sweet Almond Oil

  • Mild & hypoallergenic oil, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Helps to prevent split ends by moisturising and nourishing the hair
  • Perfect as a massage oil or makeup remover
  • Gentle enough for babies and children
  • Certified organic


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Product Description

Gentle and Hypoallergenic 

Nourishes and soothes the skin with natural antioxidants and nutrients.

For people with sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find a product that doesn’t irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions.

Sweet almond oil is a hypoallergenic, gentle, and mild natural oil that is rich in Vitamin E and perfect for many different skin types.

Many skin products have Vitamin E added for its nourishing, antioxidant properties, but our certified organic almond oil contains naturally-occurring Vitamin A and Vitamin E to help keep your skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

A Soothing and Nourishing Moisturizer

Almond oil can be used on its own, or blended with essential oils for a relaxing massage oil.

Because it is so gentle, almond oil is perfect for baby massage, and can be used as an after-bath treatment to help lock in moisture.

While this oil is prized for sensitive skin, it is also ideal for normal or combination skin as well.


Our certified organic sweet almond oil contains no fragrances or additives, just 100% pure, natural almond oil.

Instructions for Use

For massage, use alone or combine with your favourite essential oils.

Prior to use, the oil can be warmed for better absorption and a more relaxing experience.

As a makeup remover, add 1-2 drops to a cotton pad and gently rub makeup off the face.

If you struggle with split ends, try applying 1-2 drops of almond oil to the ends of the hair to help prevent breakage and splitting.

Biconi Sweet Almond Oil Ingredients:

Sweet Almond Oil

* Certified organic

Free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates, Mineral Oil, Alcohol and other harmful chemicals.

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