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LOVE BELLA VIDA - "10 Ways to use Argain Oil"

You’re a busy girl working in a corporate firm, a mom with little time to herself or a full-time student always rushing to complete her next assignment? We live in a very hectic world now and we have almost no time to fuss over every skin care product and follow a 10 step nightly routine. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Hell, ain’t nobody got money to spend on all those products either! Don’t you wish there was one product that can be used for everything? What if I told you there is…

NICOLE YIE - "Biconi Glow Facial Serum & Radiant Skin Cleanser Bar"

I'm finally trying a new skincare after so long of treating my skin with only a range of products! (Read this post so see how I improved my skin within a year!) It's now my concern to fade my post-acne scars and having a radiant skin, so I've been trying Biconi's Glow Facial Serum & Radiant Skin Cleanser Bar.

MARIE FRANCE ASIA - "Liquid Soap vs. Soap Bars: Which is better for you?"

Which is better, liquid or bar soap? A generation back, liquid soap wasn’t even an option. Check out the available soap products today, and it’s a whole different story: liquid, bar, foaming… the broad selection in the market is enough to make anyone confused! But what’s the difference? Is it really a big deal to pick one over the other? Let’s find out!

LOVE BELLA VIDA - "Biconi Glow Facial Serum & Radiant Skin Cleanser Bar"

It is very gentle and doesn’t need much lathering either. My face feels soft and very smooth like a baby’s bottom after washing my face and after using this product every morning and night for a little over two weeks, I can see a significant difference with PH balance of my skin.

Princess Yanti - "Product review : Biconi Glow Facial Serum!!"

Bila sebut pasal natural ingredients, maksudnya memang selamat utk semua jenis kulit. Dari kulit yang normal sampaila kulit yang super sensitive. Kempen #biconisavemyskin ni bertujuan untuk membantu masalah kulit menggunakan produk Biconi yang berasaskan bahan semulajadi dan sumber daripada tumbuh-tumbuhan.

The Beauty Wonderland - "Biconi Glow Facial Serum"

I just love it when I use a product with zero expectations – and it blows my mind away! The Biconi Glow Facial Serum is that kind of product. When the lovely folks over at Biconi sent me a brown glass bottle filled with their Facial Glow Serum, I was intrigued – but not convinced. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of this brand up until now.

Herine Ang - "Biconi Natural Face Cleanser and Glow Facial Serum"

I support natural and locally handmade products. After I finished using Biconi’s natural Shampoo Bar and Conditioner, I started trying out this facial set that claims to protect delicate skin from environmental damage, eliminates clogged pores, and improves skin tone. 

Daily Vanity - "33 vegan beauty products you need to try now if you believe in being cruelty-free"

For those new to veganism, let us break down the labeling for you! Cruelty-free products are manufactured without any testing on animals, and vegan products are both cruelty-free and devoid of any animal-derived ingredients. The spirit of beauty with a conscience has driven many beauty brands to commit to being cruelty-free and increasingly, if not entirely, vegan. 

Marie France Asia - "Beauty 101: Are you applying your serum wrong?"

Are you using a facial serum? Not a cleanser, not a true moisturiser, but packed with antioxidant power that can keep you looking young and fresh, it’s a product that deserves a place of honour in your daily beauty routine. Almost as bad as not using serum, however, is using it incorrectly.

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Expat Living - "Organic Beauty"

Edition: June 2017 - Page 216

CLEO - "Beauty Hall of Fame"

Edition: July 2017 - Pages 96-97








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ASIAN ENTREPRENEUR - "Wendee Lee, Founder of Biconi"

My story started from the silver lining of a dark cloud called cancer. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer 8 years ago and this kick started our family’s search for a natural, effective health supplement to help him cope with the horrible side effects of chemotherapy. 


Very few skincare brands speak about health, but Biconi is one of those rare brands that focus on ingredients that feed the skin. Even their soap is made with pure whole foods and nutrients. This switch in perspective can transform you skin – rather than focusing products to “fix” your skin – focus on nourishing your skin.

SOULSCAPE - "Healthpreneur: A Journey with Founder of Biconi, Wendee Lee"

Tapping into her business experience with retailing baby products from Europe, she went on to create products for health, hair care and babies from her noni farm. Find out the secrets of Noni and meet our Healthpreneur, Wendee Lee from Biconi.

LITTLE GREEN DOT MARKETPLACE - "From Malaysia with Love, the Biconi story"

Everything we buy has a story, and the Biconi story began when a mother of four decided to take her wellness into her own hands. It’s amazing just where a passion can take you! Biconi is a health brand focused on making products that nourish your body and cares for your skin with natural, effective ingredients.

THE WEDGE ASIA - "Noni The Miracle Tree"

Harvesting ingredients straight from Mother Nature, Biconi is a family-owned business with a passion for developing effective, natural personal care products without compromise. They promise a pure, healthy, and effective path to daily radiance.

LITTLE GREEN DOT MARKETPLACE - "Review // Two Months Using Biconi"

Biconi is a very simple range for your capsule skincare collection. It consist of only 3 products, that covers you from head-to-toe. The star ingredient that runs throughout the range is Noni Fruit Enzyme – harvested right from the family’s noni tree farm in Malaysia.

THE CAMBELLES - "Review: Going Natural with Biconi for Shiny Healthy Tresses"

Recently, I damaged my hair, horrifically, through perming and bleaching. I cannot describe the awful texture and look of my damaged hair. I tried popular expensive shampoos, conditioners and masks but nothing worked to my mounting distress.

SECONDS ACHARM - "Biconi Review"

How would I not be hyped up over a homegrown brand who takes on issues where hits us straight into the heart? Post natal & menopausal hair loss, pigmentation, dark spots, sensitive skin are some of the few concerns that they address. What’s more commit to having more than 95% natural ingredients in their products? Excited yet?

MY FAT POCKET - "Biconi Shampoo Bar and Conditioner"

Biconi is a premium brand with a big passion for developing effective and natural personal care products. Located in sunny Singapore, Biconi brings to life potent ingredients from South East Asia’s diverse rainforest into every single product. They offer three lines of handmade products – for baby, women and men.

MING PAO NEWSPAPER - "愛大自然識 「梘」"


Beauty Nerd by Night - "Biconi Glow Facial Serum & Radiant Cleanser Bar"

Winter is upon us and ’tis the season to glow! Winter brings cold weather that comes with dry skin. Well, for you beauty nerds that have winter, that is! Here in Malaysia, it’s pretty much Summer 24/7, but dull, dry skin is still a big no-no. I love radiant skin that exudes a healthy glow so throw me any product that promises to give a glow and I’m all for it! 

Marie France Asia - "Cold-Pressed Oils: The nourishing Biconi Glow Facial Serum is full of them"

If you’ve been keeping abreast with health and beauty blogs or magazines, you’ll know that cold-pressed oils have been all the rage. Cold-pressed oils are oils extracted with a mechanical press, without the use of any heat or chemicals.

Baccarat Magazine - "On Your Face: Vivian Luk"

Bridal and evening wear designer Vivian Luk set up her eponymous atelier in 2008 after honing her skills at Vera Wang, where she worked in the bridal and celebrity made-to-order departments following graduation from Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology.